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Fall 2022

MS and Ph.D. Candidates

Yukitaka Kani Kani (PhD) Maximizing Local Access to Therapeutic Deliveries in Glioblastoma: Evaluating the utility and mechanisms of potential adverse events for minimally invasive diagnostic two novel therapeutic techniques for brain tumors September 19 at 9:00am Graduate Life Center 
Telvin Harrell (PhD) Ubiquitin Targets and Molecular Mechanisms of Herpes Simplex Virus 1 in Adult Sensory Neurons September 15 at 10:30am 1040 ILSB
Brittanie Partridge (PhD) Overcoming therapeutic resistance in glioblastoma using novel electroporation-based therapies September 12 at 11:00 am VMIA 220

Spring 2022

MS and Ph.D. Candidates

Vanessa Oakes (PhD) Theileria orientalis Ikeda Genotype: Implications for Cattle Health in Virginia May 10 at 5:00pm VMIA 220
Alessandra Franchini (PhD) The longitudinal outcome of canine myxomatous mitral valve disease in dogs: The LOOK Mitral study May 6 at 12:00pm Vet Med 100  
Nicole Bracci (PhD) Understanding Host-Pathogen Interactions of Rift Valley Fever Virus That Contribute to Viral Replication March 17 at 4:30pm ILSB 1040  
Elizabeth Hiebert (MS) Determining ideal staple size for small intestinal surgery in cats January 14 at 1:00pm Vet Med 100

Summer 2022

Ashton Shiraz (MS) Non-Thesis Option June 1 at 1:00 Vet Med 291
Molly Patton (MS) The effects of bit chewing on gastric emptying and orocecal transit times in clinically normal horses June 30 at 8:00am Vet Med 121
Caitlin Malik (MS) Use of Glucose Monitoring Systems in Horses July 1 at 1:00pm Vet Med 121
Emily Hellstern (MS) Determining the Effects of Nerve Growth Factor Supplemented In-vitro Fertilization Media on Bovine Embryo Development July 24 at 9:00am VMIA 220
Melissa Mercer (PhD) The Clinical Pharmacology of Acetaminophen in Adult Horses July 15th at 1:00pm Vet Med 102
Xavier Cabana Puig (PhD) Characterizing the roles of gut microbiota, probiotic Lactobacilli and CX3CR1 in the development of autoimmunity in MRL/lpr mice July 26 at1:00pm Vet Med 100