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Degree Requirements

Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences

Graduate Degree Requirements

MS: The Plan of Study is due on the first day of the second academic semester
Ph.D.: The Plan of Study is due on the first day of the third acadmic semester

Basic Requirements Ph.D. MS MS (Resident)
Total credits Min. 90 Min. 30 Min. 30
Research credits (5994/7994)* Min. 30 Min. 6 Min. 6
Course credits Min. 27 Min. 20 Min. 20
5000-level (or higher) credits Min. 21 Min. 14 Min. 14
4000-level credits** Max. 6 Max. 6 Max. 6
Special Study (5984/6984) or Independent Study (5974 credits Max. 18 Max. 9 Max. 9

* Must be taken at Virginia Tech
** May include Special Study (4984) courses but may not include Undergraduate Independent Study (4974) or Undergraduate Research (4994) courses

Required Courses Ph.D. MS MS (Resident)
BMVS 5094: Grnt Writing and Ethics 3 credits Optional Optional
BMVS 5174: Responsible Conduct of Research 1 credit 1 credit 1 credit
BMVS 5594: Current Technologies in Biomedical Sciences 1 credit 1 credit Optional
BMVS 5944: BMVS Seminar* 1, taken 4 times 1, taken 2-3 times 1, taken 1-3 times
BMVS 6014: Veterinary Clinical Sciences Residency** N/A N/A 0, taken every semester
GRAD 5004: GTA Workshop 1 credit
1 credit
1 credit
GRAD 5144: Communicating Science 2 credits Optional Optional

Public Health students: see ***

Min. 3 credits Min. 2 credits Min. 2 credits

Biochemistry or Molecular Biology
Public Health students: see ****

Min. 3 credits Optional Optional

* Please note:

  • PhD students must enroll four times and present in seminar two of the four semesters registered
  • MS students must enroll two times and present a seminar in at least one of the two semesters registered.  May take a third time for credit.
  • One credit hour can be substituted with an alternative seminar with instructor approval.
  • Resident/MS students are excused from the non-presenting registration.

** Resident/MS students must enroll in BMVS 6014 every semester.

*** Public Health students will take PHS 5025 Epidemiology and Quantitative Methods in Public Health

**** Public Health students will take PHS 5004 Fundamentals of Public Health